Have you ever wondered what that saying actually means? I have heard this “I am just a man” sentence tumble out of many men’s mouths, and I often wondered what they are talking about. Does it mean men want to desperately be something they will never be? Like wanting to not have to look at my bouncing 30F boobs and instead look me straight in the eye, yet, he cannot help it. His instinct is stronger than anything his intellect is telling him, anything his parents taught him, anything he was taught and believes no matter what he studied, which disciplines he learned, no matter whether he is a doctor, or a layer, priest, maybe, no matter if he’s even a saint?
Does it mean that no matter who he is, he will fear what he wants the most and when he gets it he will surely find a way to destroy it? Does it mean he will stay when he’s unhappy because he thinks that means doing “the right thing,” however, when he finds the one he will get so scared and break her heart? What does it mean, “I am just a man?”

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