Some customers seem to enjoy wadding a dollar bill into a ball and throwing it at us strippers. Some of these dollar ball throwers form tight balls and aggressively target certain body parts then wait till we turn away when they throw their dollar ball so they won’t be identified as the culprit — I call them pussy, boob, or ass wadders.. I have never met a stripper who enjoys the dollar ball. First of all, dollar balls are a pain in the butt to unfold in order to use them in the future. Second of all, the dollar ball is actually a dangerous hazard to any dancer who wears high heels. It is literally like throwing a tennis ball into a bicycle wheel and then after landing on the stage the dollar ball can be compared to a slippery banana peel if you accidentally step on it in your stilettos. Last but not least, the dollar ball throwing customer — even if he just forms the dollar ball out of laziness so he can throw it a longer distance and doesn’t have to get up to politely tip the dancer — reminds me of a stupid spitball shooting school boy bully.
Next time, you feel the urge to wad a dollar up into a ball and throw it at a stripper, remember, a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your health. Get up and tip politely.

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