I used to think society was right about it saying women talk a lot. But then I started working in strip clubs, and I can tell you one thing for sure: men cannot stop talking about themselves, how great they are, and blahhhhh. I assume, the urge to communicate is heightened during the pre-ejaculatory phase when a man is ambitious to get laid. Some men really think the more words they speak the closer they get to your heart and to getting laid, yet, most of the times the more they say the more their true, selfish nature surfaces and the less attracted you are. Men think strippers are easy bait, yet, it’s the other way around. We strippers meet so many men and get so many offers in regards to sex we happily pass while other single women are desperate to meet men and subject themselves to Tinder and other bullshit dating sites that are really more cheap hookups. Want to get an easy hookup, try Tinder, don’t come to the strip club.

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