1. “Tell me your real name!” I have discussed this subject previously on my blog but just accept my chosen name and privacy.
  2. “I am not your typical strip club customer!” As a man, what do you know about the typical strip club customer, and why do you think you are different, possibly superb? If you think that then you certainly are the typical strip club customer because he thinks he’s special and has it all figured out.
  3. “I know how this works here …” Oh really? Another smart ass strip club expert who knows it all and looks down on us strippers. Why are you here then, Mr. HaveItAllFiguredOutSmartAss?
  4. “You just want my money …” And what do you want? Who makes you think you should get entertainment for free? Why do you come here if we are all money hungry hyenas? Go find a place where they don’t want your money — like the movie theater, any other bar, night club, even your kids at home are probably just in for the money.
  5. “I want to see more of you.” Yeah, yeah, everybody wants more of our invigorating Goddess energy, yet, they feel entitled to get it for free. In no other business people expect free shit except in the strip club industry. When you see your doctor, therapist, psychologist, even when you go on a date or get your stupid car washed you are willing to dig deep into your wallet but a stripper should just give it away for free, even have sex with you and then just chew on her toe nails for food.
  6. “What are you doing afterwards?” Dude, not you! When I get off work I am fried from listening to bullshit like yours, and I will take a hot shower to sooth my tired muscles, clean my ears to forget about the shit you drunk fool let lose, drink a hot cup of tea to sooth my throat from responding all night long to stupid people’s questions, and cuddle up with my dogs who don’t ask stupid questions.

Ups, I guess there are more than just three things you shouldn’t tell a stripper. I could go on and on and on, but I will stop here.

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