Once more, I see another parallel of real life and the strip club, and once more, the strip club only holds a magnifying glass to it, yet, there’s really not that much difference to real life.
People can only hear, see, and read what they want. There’s is not much consideration for the other person involved.
When a man is attracted to me he assumes I am automatically attracted to him as well. When you’re polite and have etiquette he thinks it’s a sign for him to go further and disrespect the boundaries you have set, and he will tell you that he wants more from you. More is the motto anyways. Everybody wants more of what you have to offer without considering to top their own game. They feel a sense of entitlement when things become comfortable, familiar, and safe between each other. There is a German saying that I find to be very true, “When you give someone your little finger they soon want your whole hand.” People forget that when they want more and more and more they miss out on what they have, eventually, even losing it due to their ignorance and greed. More is not always better. Appreciate what you have and stop asking for more. Because more can run the other person over. Telling someone what you want from them can be a big turn off.

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