If you are a girl like me then you love makeup. I rarely leave the house without wearing eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss and at least a tinted moisturizer. I even walk and hike my dogs with makeup on. I do admit, when it comes to makeup I might be a little over the top. The more the better. Glitter, shimmer powders, sparkles, deep, dark eye shadows, and juicy glosses are my thing, as well as doll like foundations — the lighter the better. And if you are a girl like me then you have most likely encountered comments like this, “Oh, wow, I am surprised this comes out of your mouth. I didn’t think you had so much brain, since you are wearing makeup.” Often guys even tell me not realizing I am wearing makeup, “Well, I was crazy for her but she was wearing makeup …,” or “No wonder it didn’t work out between us. She was really into wearing a lot of makeup.” Or, “Well, I was surprised she was so smart since she was wearing bright, red lipstick.”
I wonder, what is is with the judgment about women who wear makeup. Why do people assume women who wear makeup are stupid. Do they think we try to cover up our brain by wearing color? Yet, in my case wearing makeup isn’t that stupid at all, in fact, my makeup routine is part of my very delicate skin care routine using only all organic, certified vegan, cruelty free products to protect my skin from sun damage, nurture and hydrate it. I am very particular about the companies I buy from, and I study the ingredient lists of a product extensively before I make the decision to use it. Plus, knowing how to apply color makeup takes artistic skills as well, not to forget, when we wear makeup we don’t try to change who we are, we try to underline and accentuate our best features and what is important to us.
Plus I have seen women from all walks of life wear good, bad, and no makeup. I could never find a connection to their intelligence in regards to makeup they use. However, I do have to say, that women that wear makeup are more often more concerned about their appearance in general and try to take better care of their skin than women that go bare. Don’t judge a book by its cover

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