Life is a strange thing. My mom says, “Life is like a giant wheel that’s turning. On some days you’re up, on some days you’re down. But the good thing is, that when you’re down you know it’ll keep turning and sure enough you will be up again.” Since I am a little girl I wondered what the true meaning of life might be. It seems such a bizarre scenario. You live and then you die. It seems sometimes just so strange. The things that people worry about are often so awkward. The fears that they submit to.
Today, through encountering death once more and feeling its deep silence deep down in my heart, I might’ve come closer to the answer of the true meaning of life. I think it’s about doing things out of love. Not just doing something special for someone you love. No, I mean doing everything from a place of love. Like walking my dogs, feeding them, cutting my parrot’s fruit up into little pieces every day, vacuum cleaning daily, making the bed, changing the dogs water dishes multiple times a day, writing each word I write, reading a book with love and an open heart … In order to act from a place of love you have to be self-aware and catch yourself when you’re caught up in the grind, stuck on the daily treadmill … Because if you can’t do it from a place of love then don’t do it. Life is pointless and meaningless if you don’t live it from a place of love. Make your chores lovely, today and every day.

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