Thank you to Maddy Myers for writing this great article about pole dancers via strippers

I work in the fitness industry for over fifteen years now and am teaching pole dancing, the art of sensual dance as well as the art of lap dancing since 2005. I believe, any woman who insists that she is pole dancing strictly out of athletic reason is in deep denial about her own longing. Why not pick another workout that will sculpt your body more symmetrically, is less taxing on our joints and skin, and spares you of all the bruises we endure to master even just a simple spin? Why do you wear cute, sexy, even revealing lingerie while you take you pole dancing class and keep it such a secret if you truly believe it’s only to keep you in shape? Pole dancing builds more than muscles. And we cannot deny the fact we all learned from strippers who have mastered the techniques of pole sensuality. Own your pussy power, bitches!


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