When I saw him walk up to the bar I knew right away he had never been to my club. A young lad in his early 30s, good looking, a fun man who likes to explore and try new things with a hint of anger or bitterness hidden behind his enthusiastic smile. I couldn’t pin point yet why I felt some bitterness. But he was pleasant to talk to and eager to find out about the club. When it was my turn to go on stage, I told him I would be back to talk to him after my set. He threw a few dollars on the stage when I was dancing, and I thought he might’ve liked my performance. When I got off stage I thanked him for the tip and told him without really having figured out whether he was into me or not, “And Brett, just let me know when you want a private dance. It would be my pleasure.” He was polite and said, “I will. ” But I could see he was in a rush to get to the stage and sit upfront at the railing. A man who likes to spread the love and enjoys all different kind of women. Which I think is what the strip club is the perfect playground for. I watched him for over two hours tip girls and enjoy himself sitting at the stage. When the DJ called last call for alcohol and he bought his last drink, I asked him, “Brett, did you have a good time?” Him, “Yes, very much so.” Me, “I hope you will come back?” Him, “Yes, I will. And before I go, would you like to do that private dance for me?” We walked off into the lap dance booth. I uncovered why I felt bitterness in him. A young man not able to live out who he was … a very sensual, sexual, full of desire personality which is unusual at his age. He was polite and very pleasant to dance for. Plus he made my night and gave me the money I needed to buy my dog’s meat the next day I didn’t know how to afford. A rounded shift at the club that would’ve never happened if  would’ve not asked him when he had just walked in. It can never hurt to ask, but if you don’t ask you will never know what you missed out on.

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2 Responses to “IT CAN’T HURT TO ASK”

  1. Dogs are omnivores and can live on a vegan diet so you dont need to buy meat.

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