lomob-7 (3)

As we approach the Holiday season
I hope your days are filled with reason
Remembering what Christmas is all about
Love will blossom when you let go of greed, fear, and doubt
Giving your kids the gift of a strong family bond
Means much more than gifts and cards with dollar funds
Teach them by setting a strong example how you treat your health
Their body is their most precious gift and wealth
Before you reach for another mimosa or sugary piece of cake
To numb yourself and be just fake
The madness about rushing around to find the best gift
Needs to stop and instead inspire the shift
Take them on a hike through the winter snow
Ride your bikes or teach them how to inhale the winter glow
It’s about you embracing your life and start abundant living
When following your heart with unconditional giving

Photo by TiltPlay

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