Do you have a lot of friends? How many Facebook friends? How many likes do you get? How many friends from your childhood, high school, college? But do you have friends you can count on. Or better said can your friends count on you? What would you be willing to do for a good friend? Would you go out of your way for your best friend? How much would you be willing to inconvenience yourself in order to help your best friend?

It appears that we live now more than ever in a time of loneliness and isolation. Despite all the social media and easy ways to connect electronically most of us have nobody they can count on. Often, we call someone our best friend, but most of us wouldn’t even want to get up an hour earlier to help that friend. Often, you expect your friends to pay you for your help or do something of equal value for you in return. But is that true friendship?

I think the problem with friends today is that there are too many lazy friends. Like lazy lovers. But any relationship based on convenience and on getting a benefit out of that relationship is more like a trade. Today, I suggest to you to do one selfless act for a friend. Do it for them without expecting anything back. See how it feels to practice unconditional love. And see if you are truly a best friend to someone, if you can give unconditionally, if you would jump through hoops and over barrels for a friend.

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