On average, during a six hour shift at the club, I encounter one to two men that ask me to engage into intercourse and go to a hotel or their home with them. These are men from all walks of life, rich as well as poor men, married, in a committed relationship, or supposedly single. At least 50% of these men if not 75% of them offer me money or ask me how much it would be to meet them outside of the club. It never feels good to get such an absurd offer from a stranger you just met, but over the years, I have gotten used to it, tried not to take it personal, and of course, you think it comes with the profession of the stripper, who is often mistaken with the profession of a prostitute. What can you do? You politely decline, walk away, and brush it off.

Just recently, I was invited to a high end industry party at a gourmet restaurant and bar. Due to my work schedule I arrived towards the end of the party around 7:30p.m. I was appropriately dressed wearing an elegant La Perla dress and designer Italian leather boots. Within one hour, I had three offers to hook up from random, very wealthy men — one of them even forced me to google his name and review his resume on LinkedIn on the spot to prove to me how rich he was (he is a multi billionaire and has the resume to back it up). It took all three of these men less than 15 minutes to pop the question, and I could see that when I declined they were appalled, the multi billionaire even accused me, “Do you always play games with men you meet?”

This experience made me think about the modern male and dating. In my defense, I haven’t dated in years, and I really never dated looking back at my life. However, I am still in shock about what I experienced. It appears as if hooking up randomly with a stranger you meet in a bar is standard. It made me think. Men are highly trainable creatures. What makes them think it is normal to ask a strange women they meet in a bar to have sex with them? Why are they appalled when a woman declines? It appears that women accept offers like this. Why? Is the modern woman training the male into being a horny one night stander? Are men pressuring women into casual sex and trying to make us feel inadequate by insulting us when we don’t engage into their wishes? Is anybody even concerned about STDs or pregnancy? At the club, most of these men at least offer financial reimbursement in exchange for sexual favors. The rich ass fuckers seem to think a glorious resume is all it takes to get their dick wet.

I believe sex should be indulged but not practiced frivolous. I also believe instant gratification is uncivilized.

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