In order to learn you cannot just hear, you also need to listen. You need to look, but most importantly, you need to see. You need to be willing to leave behind your ego, which thinks it knows it all, does it all right, and is the best student. You need to understand as students we never know enough, and never stop exploring. You need to be willing to accept that the teacher you have chosen for this experience will be your master, and you will need to be humble enough to dedicate yourself to your master. You don’t know what the lesson might be. Sometimes, the lesson could be how to not do it. If you think “I know,” you will not be able to keep an open mind. Be brave and say, “I do not know and will never know enough.” Arrogance and the need to be center of attention will rob you of any possibility to truly learn, achieve progress, and experience positive change. Now, go and listen, see, be humble, accept that you know nothing, start learning in order to live. Be a student for the rest of your life.

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