He is often more horny and vocal than most of the younger strip club customers. He wants to talk, and often loneliness, lack of physical affection draw him into the club. In our society, the elderly are mostly only touched by the very young grandchildren. This is a sad fact, but the reality of modern society. The senior customer might’ve lost his wife or was never married. Now that he is old his dating chances have declined as well. He reaches out to us strippers and tries to fill the void. Or maybe, when he was younger he didn’t have the courage to live out his sexual desires, so now he’s on a kamikaze mission — it’s now or never, there is not much time left. I often feel bad for this type. I wonder how my dad would feel if my mom passes away before him, and he’s left by himself. I wonder, how my senior years will be filled. I have no human children, so there won’t be any grandchildren around. But that compassion is often abused by the elderly strip club customer. He expects affection, full attention, and conversation, yet, doesn’t seem to understand that I am at work. I am suppose to be paid for conversation and attention. If he expects me to make his life better he needs to willingly make my life better. That is how the strip club works. It’s not sucking someone’s money. It’s trading a business skill like you trade in any other business. It applies to all customers, not just the senior customers. But he too feels entitled. He is just another cheap, old fuck, who wants to suck your energy for free.

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