You cannot put all men into one basket, of course not. But often, when a certain group of men repeat the same behavior you start wondering if it is a trend. For example, let’s take married men. A lot of them feel entitled. Often, I feel the entitlement comes from their wives not showing any interest in them anymore, or they cannot share their true sexual fantasies with their wives. Then these married men think because you are single and because you are a stripper, they have the right to get their fix through you. They feel entitled and are demanding. It almost feels like they make you responsible for their marriage not working out and that for you are suppose to fix the issue, give them what they crave, engage into their fetish, perversion, secret desire, and of course, you are suppose to do it out of good will. Because they are so miserable and in their mind you are there to make up for it. Of course, these men are cheap and lazy. They buy the new car, expensive jewelry, the flowers for their halo wearing wives, they take them to dinner, pay for the five star spa, take them on vacation, but you — the dirty stripper — are there to make it all right, bring their fantasies to life, and fulfill their sexual dreams and desires. I wonder where this sense of entitlement comes from. Sentences like, “If you are down for it, let’s have sex,” or “I can’t watch porn with my wife, why don’t you come over after the club and we can watch some porn together, ” or, ” I know, I am really perverted. You seem very mature and non-judgmental … when can we meet at my office so I can tell you more about it and we can do some stuff.” he offers are endless, and — although, I work in this industry for six years now — I am still puzzled by the way the male, married brain works. His wife, who he provides for  doesn’t want to even engage into mainstream intercourse, but you, the stripper he just met 5 minutes ago, is suppose to jump on a ridiculous offer like this? What the heck …

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