The strip club is a place of many ‘Nos’ and lots of rejection. Men are entitled to pick and show their preference clearly. And often, they lie about it — which seems so strange to me in this setting, but I guess, they are still ruled by some type of guilt. For example if you are not a customer’s type and he doesn’t want a lap dance with you, he will not just politely decline, instead he will make up a story, like “I have no money,” or, “I am just here to chill,” sometimes even using his relationship status why he cannot do a lap dance with you, yet, two minutes later he might walk off with another girl. You would think all this rejection brings you down, and I suppose it could. To me it just mean with ever ‘No’ I am closer to a ‘Yes,’ plus when you hear ‘No’ enough you just don’t give a shit anymore. I believe this is how you need to pursue your dreams. Don’t be afraid of the ‘Nos.’ Just know every ‘No’ brings you closer to the ‘Yes.’

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