We were in the dressing room gathered as Inna started in an angry voice, “You know that regular of mine? The little, skinny weasel? Do you know how hard it is for me to dance for him. I am an Amazon woman and hovering over the weasel is killing my back and my knees. I cannot stand dancing for him. It’s unbearable labor. I prefer guys who are at least my height.” Ariella pitched in, “I only like guys who have that pirate look. I love the long hair, beard, and rough exterior.” The girls started going on about their customer types. Jeannie shared, “I love the hairy guys. Not dark hairy, the Iris hairy. I don’t know why, but it just turns me on.”

We stripper’s are very selective. We can be. We have so many more encounters with men than most other women. We know there is plenty of fish in the sea and with that knowledge our confidence grows. Yes, strippers do have a favorite type.

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