Often, married men and men in long term relationships, tell you right away that they are married when they visit the strip club. Often, they even share pictures of their loved ones, their family and partner with you, right before they ask for that lap dance. I guess, it helps them to justify and cope with their guilt about being in a strip club and engaging into a relationship with a stripper. When they share photos and state clearly that they are married or taken, in their mind sharing their circumstances with you sets clear boundaries — making sure you don’t want more from them and stick to the clean deal — plus you become a friend, and it is more justified to engage into sensual activity.

I have noticed that there are strippers that have the same issue: they try to cope with their guilt about their profession by telling customers how much they love their boyfriend, or that they are married. This is bad for business. Even a married man wants to dwell on the fantasy of the single stripper he could potentially have sex with, although, of course he would never because he loves his wife and will do “the right thing.”

In the end, this is all a strange way of coping with who you are. If you are married but need the strip club to continue your life the way it is then you should not be in denial about it. And as a stripper, if you have guilt about your profession then you should do something else for living. I don’t know any other profession where your marital status matters. It’s nobodies business.

I think life is about being true to yourself.

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