Over twenty years ago, back in Germany, one of my old, ancient Holistic doctors told me, “My dear young girl, let me tell you a very important secret: if you want to live a healthy life and avoid major illnesses do not ever eat after 7 p.m.” I believed this man. And although, he might not be alive anymore, his secret was carried on into my life, and I rarely make an exception and break the 7 p.m. not eating rule. However, in the USA I did this to my co-stripper’s and friend’s amusement. Many people have made fun of me when I rejected the pizza delivery or late night dinner invitation. When I say, “No thank you, I don’t eat after 7 p.m.” people think I have an eating disorder, or I am one of those obsessive, skinny girls. Me talking about letting my organs rest and my digestive system reset hit mostly on death ears. But over two decades now, I have stuck to the my ancient, Holistic doctor’s secret. It is one of my beauty and health secrets. How happy was I to find this article that explains this mysterious 7 p.m. not eating rule.

I guess, after all, the ancient, Holistic doc wasn’t just a crazy dude.

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