She looked at me and my body, and I could tell I was a screaming reproach. I introduced myself, and although, we had never met her words shot out of her mouth like a bullet out of a gun, “I never liked anything about my body. I never liked my physical self. The only thing I like about myself are my eyelids but now they are starting to sag too.” Her confession to me, a complete stranger, still hurt like a dagger that hit straight into my heart. I wondered how she was living and breathing in her own skin. How would she make love to her boyfriend who was with her? And most importantly, I wondered, if she was so unhappy in her body why wouldn’t she change something. Yes, she was thick, I mean to be honest, she was fat. A cute woman hidden under many layers of fat. I can understand that there are a few things on our bodies we cannot change unless drastic, often unhealthy measures are taken. But being big is not one of them, plus it is not healthy to be overweight. It is a health risk. And please don’t understand me wrong, I wasn’t judging her body shape. She was. I can understand why she felt the way she felt. And to be honest, since I work in fitness, I know it is not that hard to shed the unwanted pounds by living a healthy life style especially if you always lived unhealthy. A life style change will have drastic consequences for her and change would come quickly. The problem is to change her mind. She is convinced she’s stuck in this body she will hate for the rest of her life. And she is convinced I am one of those lucky, skinny bitches who is blessed with the “perfect,” little figure for the rest of my life. What she doesn’t know is how hard I work to stay in shape, how much discipline it takes, and how much I try harder every day to be the healthier, younger me.

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