At the end of the day, we all take it off. But most of you take your clothes off hiding behind closed door. A lot of you even hide their body in front of your partner, and your partner might hide their body in front of you. Not very many people are comfortable in their own skin without covering up. Nudity is judged so much, yet, nudity is who we truly are. Maybe it’s judged because the majority of the population is not happy with their body and is hiding behind their clothing. As a stripper I know how to take my clothes off skillfully. This is what I do best. But it wasn’t always like this. When I did my first audition in a full nude club I didn’t know if I would be able to do it. It was a stretch for me, but not because I thought nudity is something bad or dirty, because I was afraid of the judgment I would receive. We strippers are judged on many level: we are judged for taking our clothes off and how we take them off, we are judged for not having a “real” job — even though some of us do, we are judged not just for the nudity but also on how we look nude. Our bodies are looked at with a magnifying glass especially by other women. And we are accused of corrupting society because we do take our clothes off. As a stripper you can’t ever get it right no matter what you do, it’ll be judged, wrong, and you will be accused of something … Yet, so many women secretly admire us and want what we have: the confidence to be naked!n And men want us because we got what it takes to take those clothes off.

I learned to look beyond the judgement, and stripping taught me to fall in love with my naked body. Through nudity I discovered how gorgeous the female form is, and I learned to appreciate my femininity. I don’t care what you say, but if you don’t love your body, if you are not comfortable in your own skin, if you cannot enjoy who you are under your clothes … life is and will be compromised. Sex and love will be compromised.

As for me, I am at my best when half naked and/or fully nude.

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