“Thou shall not tempt the Lord.” But I have tempted him many times, asked him for a sign, ask him for more signs to proof it wasn’t just coincidence, and I have questioned his signs over and over. Of course, it was just wishful thinking, or now that I asked for a particular sign my subconsciousness was just more open to see it. But the sign was always there, and it’s not really a sign. Yes, I have had my battles with God. Oh, you wonder, if strippers are godless? Some are and some aren’t, like in every profession there’s believers and non-believers.

And just this morning, I had another conversation with God. I had walked about a thousand dogs for the rich people, my body was overheated, and my feet were burning in my tennis shoes. I was going to stop by to pick up one of those expensive green, cold pressed juices at my favorite juice place because I was so depleted and dried out, I could go no longer without a soothing cool drink. The heat this year in LA is merciless. But as I pulled my burgundy, shitty, run down, poor, old, vintage Mercedes into the parking lot of the juice place I was thinking I shouldn’t really go in and spend that kind of money on just one green juice. It was just a juice, not even a meal.  Last week was a slow week for me and money is tight. So I talked to God, “How much longer are you going to make me work this hard? I can’t do it much longer. It’s not even 10 a.m. yet, and I already feel like throwing up, and I haven’t even taught a single class yet. God, it’s too much. Please, I need a sign that I will be OK.”

The kid that works behind the counter already knows me. There is one guy in front of me ordering a juice and buying a bunch of macrobiotic snack bars. And he looks at me and says, “Let me do my good deed for the day and buy a stranger a drink.” I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe my ears. And then he says, “Do you want a power bar too? Help yourself. Which kind would you like?” The man bought me my favorite juice and a meal replacement bar!!!! Wasn’t I just complaining the juice wasn’t even a meal and what did I get? A free juice and a free delicious meal. Of course, I thanked the good Samaritan and told him how much his generosity means to me. But here is the true miracle: it’s easy to buy a beautiful woman a drink. But I wasn’t beautiful that morning. When I am out walking dogs I am covered in long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, leggings … You wouldn’t actually recognize me because I protect my delicate, ivory skin from the brutal sun. The good Samaritan bought an ugly duckling you couldn’t even recognize her favorite juice and a healthy meal on top. And all of this after me tempting God once more. I am humbled by the signs I have received, and I am happy to tell you that miracles are possible every single day. We just need to believe and trust.

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