I have noticed through customers that visit the club as well through my female friends who are actively dating that men have become very lazy. They expect the date to at least meet him half way, or even better come all the ways his way, they want to split the bill when they take you on a date (although, I eat like a bird for $8 while he orders a 5 course meal), they are too tired to go out late, they have to go to bed early and can only meet you on the weekend, they are broke, money is tight, and they expect you to shower them with gifts while they give you … nothing in return. I am not blaming men for becoming lazy slobs. I am blaming women for teaching them bad manor and turning them into boys, looking at their date more like looking at a mother figure than at the woman they desperately want. Emancipation has turned on everybody. The men have become the passive sex while the women have turned into aggressive vultures pursuing the heck out of their prince turning him with exactly with this behavior into a frog.

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