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I haven’t remembered any of my dreams in over 17 years, but due to regular acupuncture treatments just recently this part of my subconsciousness was unlocked. However, when I woke from this nightmare I was in terrible stress — I remember now why I had sworn off my dreams a long time ago. If I would sweat I would’ve been drenched but luckily I am not a sweaty person. I was happy to realize my nightmare I was just a dream. But interesting to realize what a terrifying scenario this truly was for me. A dream worth sharing: I was on my way to the club with the buss. I would never ride the buss to my night shift, in fact, public transportation is not my choice of getting to any destination in L. A. But in dreams you don’t choose. It was pouring down rain, literally raining cats and dogs. I wasn’t scared or anything. It was just wet and dark outside as I looked through the buss window onto the flooded streets, and I was glad I had not taken my entire stripper suitcase, instead I had just taken a little cotton bag with my favorite costume that I would wear for my shift. I was traveling light. When I got off the bus it had stopped raining. I ran to the club trying to escape the water dripping off the wet trees to avoid getting my fresh washed hair wet. My skin loves the humidity, so does my hair. I was glowing and happy. When I entered the club there was no customers there. It didn’t surprise me. On rainy days the club is slow. L. A.ians are rain shy. I grew up in Europe. Rain is a welcome change to me, I am used to it. I saw the girls standing in a circle. In the middle of the circle two girls were reenacting a scene together, and the other girls were yelling out words trying to guess what they were trying to show them. They were playing a game to kill time. It was more like an acting class than a strip club. Usually, I am one of the first dancers on the floor but in my dream I was the last one to arrive on the shift. I don’t like being late. I rushed into the dressing room to change into my costume when I realized I had forgotten my stilettos. I always bring two pair of stilettos for my shift in case one breaks. You always want to have a backup plan when it comes to your stilettos. When I realized I was without my stilettos I almost fainted. I didn’t know what to do. I ran out onto the floor barefoot to whisper into one of the girl’s ear asking her if she knew if anybody had a spare pair of stilettos in size 6 with them. Heck, I said I would make a size 7 work too, even a size 8, which is way too big for me. Impossible to walk not to mention to dance in a size 8. But I was determined. The girl didn’t want to be distracted from the game they were playing but whispered back to hide the shame of me forgetting my stilettos, “Maybe Nina. Hide in the dressing room. I will ask her.” I hid in the dressing room hoping Nina would have the solution, when the cook came in. We have no cook at my strip club, but in my dream there was the cook. He had brought a giant flip flop with a heel in at least a size 12, and he said, “Here ya go. We can make this work.” I tried on the giant flip flop. My tiny foot was drowning in it. I shrugged my shoulders, and it was clear to the cook the shoe was too big. He took his giant kitchen knife and started to cut around my foot to size the shoe down. I could see this would never work. He had to cut part of the heel off and cut into the strings of the flip flop as well. I was terrified he would cut my foot as well. It was literally my foot on the slaughter me knowing this would never work. This is when I luckily woke to be relieved realizing I was just dreaming a bad stripper horror nightmare. Interesting what fears you encounter as a stripper.

Don’t forget your shoes!

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