OK, I am not the one who favors this subject, but today I am just forced to address it publicly. One of my dear friends recently asked me if I had a good remedy for painful periods and cramping. Her gynecologist had told her that period cramps are completely normal and everybody has them. So, the pill was prescribed along with a pain killer to take when agony hits. This is now a days standard protocol. I wonder if everybody is losing their mind? I wonder how a doctor can prescribe the pill for period craps when we know the pill has thousands of side effects, women have had strokes from it, and even died from taking it? Aren’t doctors there to help you get well? Of course, most women are equipped with “Midol,” which promises to treat more of your menstrual symptoms, including cramps, bloating, and fatigue than any other over the counter pain pill. And if you are not on the birth control pill and “Midol” something must be wrong with you. My question is how women can buy into this bullshit? If your body is tired before or during your period don’t you think there must be a reason for it? Oh, you just want to take a pill for it to go away? But maybe your body needs to rest, maybe this period time was created for us women to take it easy, recharge, and respect our own body and the tremendous hormonal changes it goes through when you face your moon. Maybe the cramps, the bloating, the headaches, or migraines are an early warning sign. Something is not in balance, but now you want to take a pill to eliminate the signs of this and throw your body even more out of balance instead of trying to find the cause for your symptoms? Periods are not an illness. They should not be painful or debilitating but if they are then maybe it’s time to look at your life style.

Here is my recommendation in regards to PMS and period symptoms: respect when your body needs more sleep and rest. Accept your period as part of you. It’s part of being a woman. If you have severe menstrual symptoms seek alternative help. Western medicine doesn’t know enough about the human organism. Seek an experienced Chinese doctor who is skilled to look at the whole picture of you and not just look at you as in a symptom. Let acupuncture and herbs assist you to a life style change that fits you and will heal your problem that causes your body to react so drastic to your cycle.

Last but not least. That birth control pill should be only given to women who understand the full risk of taking it, plus the risks for their unborn children. If you are not in a strictly monogamous relationship then unprotected sex should be completely out of the question anyways. Read the warnings and side effects of any drug before you take it. Take charge of your own health and don’t let the pharmaceutical industry continue to fool you.

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