Just today again, I saw a young woman dressed all in designer clothes and heels. She was obviously on a date with the young man that accompanied her, and as they walked to their car, I watched her try to walk in her designer heels … She looked pathetic and it was a complete turn off to see her struggle and stumble down the alley in her expensive designer high heels. Ladies, Please don’t do this to me, your date, and yourself. If you cannot walk in heels don’t wear them till you learn how to walk in them. Walking in heels is an art, and it takes skill and practice. Just putting on heels won’t do the trick. You actually have to learn how to walk in those heels so you don’t look like a cow wearing a horse saddle. If you cannot manage a graceful walk in high heels then do not wear them. Switch to something that’s doable for you. It doesn’t have to be flats or tennis shoes but it needs to be something you can manage. If you still want to wear those high heels then ask a stripper, who you know for sure manages not to just walk in high heels but also knows how to dance in them, to teach you the art of high heel walking.

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