Often, when a stripper explains openly to her customer that she’s not interested in dating him, he will find an excuse for her telling him the truth. Men think we don’t want to date them because we have been hurt by disrespectful men, our love was abused, we have our wall up to protect ourselves, we are afraid of true love, we have never met a man who truly valued us … Meanwhile we just don’t want to date the customers for different reasons. But men rarely accept that, instead their fantasy mind creates this emotionally damaged girl who needs to be rescued and loved the right way. Maybe it’s their ego who doesn’t want to accept the truth, but then on the other hand when we don’t speak clearly and just not agree to meet the man outside of the club we are accused of leading them on and playing with their emotions, sucking them dry for their money, and being lying, cheating bitches. Men forget that when they come to see us at the strip club we are at work. We are there to make money and not understanding that is disrespectful from their side. The fantasy mind of a man tricks the man into his own fantasy world. It’s mostly not the stripper, it’s the man refusing to see and hear the truth.

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