The strip club is not this unruly place of wild sex and orgies. It’s so much more. While this can be a highly sensual place, it is also a place of acceptance, compassion, and understanding. No matter what shape or size, all girls accept each other and know “there’s a girl for ever guy.” There’s literally no too thick, too thin, too big, too small, too tall, too short, or physically unappealing dancer. We all know every man has a different taste, and we accept that there is no ugly woman on this planet. We are all gorgeous in our unique and special way. We are perfect the way we are.

The same thing applies to the men that visit. We don’t try to change them or judge their reason for visiting. Some want to talk, others want to watch, some want to pour their heart out, and others want to dance, some come to get turned on, others to escape from loneliness, some come for advice, others get couseling … No matter how shy, awkward, mean, socially inept, annoying a man can be, we accept him, if he can respect us. The strip club is a place of deep understanding and compassion for humanity.

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