On the days when I work nigh shift, my workouts and my nutrition plan are even more mindful and sensible than on days when I know I can get a full night rest. A workout that wears you out plus too much food will make you tired and your energy will be low during your night shift. Guys even more than women are very sensible to your energy. No matter how good you look, if your energy is low or even down they won’t even notice you. That’s why I plan carefully. I keep my workouts light and focus mainly on lower body work since I know the pole will wear on my arm strength with every set I do on stage. I focus on an invigorating workout that warms up my joints but doesn’t tire my muscles too much along with some light stretching, foam rolling if I feels tightness in my hips, hamstrings, neck or shoulder area. I never go to the club without warming up and stretching to prevent injury. My meals are mainly plant based throughout the day, and I have a rice protein shake before 7pm to hold me over till I finish my shift at the club. When I get home I brew a fresh cup of herbal tea I drink after I take a hot shower. This hydrates me and helps me fall asleep quickly to get the best out of the few hours of sleep I am able to catch. To wake up to a wholesome breakfast to feed my tired muscles after a long day and night for me.

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