When it comes to hooking up men in the strip club are fast. After offering to buy you a drink they quickly go to the next step of telling you that they would kiss you if they could in the establishment to then shortly invite you over to their house. Sometimes, they try to trick you into coming over to show you a painting or have you try some rare alcohol they just brought home from a vacation thinking once you are in their apartment or house you’ll be easily tricked into having sex with them as well. When I respond to a customer’s offer like that explaining, “I don’t even know you, we just met,” they seems confused and offer the same deal again thinking I didn’t understand the great, generous offer.

Up till now, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around these strategies that seem to childish and weird to me. I asked one of my friends who is in her twenties and actively dating how dating works today. She asked me, “What do you mean?” I said, “Do you get to know each other first before you get intimate.” She explained, “Usually you have a drink, then you start making out, then you have sex. Afterwards, you decide whether you want to turn this into something more.” I am shocked. You have sex first before you know anything about this person! Well, maybe it is a good strategy. I guess, most of the times once you know them better, sex will be out of the question.

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