Many people say that, “I treat my dog like my child.” So I wonder, do they treat their child like their dog?

My dogs are used to going to a holistic veterinarian who practices out of a ranch where horses, donkeys, and mules live. The vet also does not have a conventional metal table and usually sits on the floor with the dog that she examines while I am there to reassure my dog that all is safe and right the way it is. When the dog has to be treated, I am there to hold it tight. No muzzle is necessary. My dogs trust me and will allow treatment even if it is uncomfortable or painful. I am by their side through good and through bad times. I am lucky to have found a vet who thinks out of the box and lets me be the parent who stays next to their pet when the pet is in trouble and needs me the most.

However, once in a while my clients hire me to take their pet to a conventional vet. Recently, I had to take a dog in just for a “nurse visit” to get bandages changed. The experience I had was horrific. Shorty after I arrived at the vets office the dog was taken into the back while I was instructed to wait in the waiting room. Meaning the only person the injured dog knew had to be left behind while the dog was put somewhere? After about an hour a vet technician came out to tell me the good news that the vet had just taken a look at her injury and now they would change her bandages. The bandage change took another hour, although, I know it was really just a 10 minute job to change the bandages.

While I was sitting in the vet’s office I saw many other people come in with their pet. Most of them asked, “I need to run some errands … can I just drop off Fido?” I was wondering, soon when people go to the pediatrician, will they request to drop their kid off as well so they can get rid of it and run some errands? The kid then might be put into a waiting chamber (something like a kennel but maybe with colorful furniture that is child proof so the kid won’t hurt itself while unsupervised, scared, and bored) till the doctor decides to take a look at it. Then treatment, sometimes painful, will be administered. After all, you don’t want the parent there while pain is inflicted otherwise the kid might connect the pain with the parent and develop animosity against it. Plus why not get your parent free time in while your kid or dog is sick. Because life is short.

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