After reading and following my blog for months and finally visiting me at the club, she wrote a beautiful note to me, “Dear Jones, as I mentioned before I read you blog nearly every day. You are right, there is a long way to go for strippers to be acknowledged, respected, and treated well. But it’s not just because of what people know from the ‘outside’ about the club and the profession of a stripper. Many strippers behave so cheaply that it is difficult to respect them … strippers have to change as well. It hurts me and I feel bad when I see how men and women treat the girls in the club. However, a lot of strippers show the customers clearly that they are bored and don’t really want to be there. The attitude of the girls has to change in order for them to earn the respect each of them deserves. You bring it clearly across that you have fun doing what you are doing. That is the difference. Do you understand what I mean?”

Of course, I understand what she means. And I do agree with her. That’s how my blog post “STRIPPER DREAMLAND 1” was born. It’s suppose to be a strip club how I wish it would be. Classy, clean, everybody has etiquette, everybody wants to be there, and the show is fantastic. However, in every profession there are many bad apples. I work with countless fitness instructors who are terrible and have no people or teaching skills. They hate what they do, and you do feel it’s hard labor for them. Same thing in the pet sitting business. Only a few are fit, most pet sitters are working with animals because they cannot hold any other job (the dog or cat won’t give them out and can’t tell when they show up wasted, do a bad job, or even treat the animal bad), and most of them aren’t punctual. Many nurses are even abusive, doctors malpractice, there’s elderly abuse in nursing homes, and babysitters do horrific things, teachers are unfair and rude to the children, executives are cocky abusers and even assault their female employees …  Most of them drink and/or use other substances. Name one profession that’s filled with only skilled, polite people who love what they do? But only prostitutes and strippers are generalized and discriminated against. Fact is, most people aren’t happy in their current job. And fact is also lots of customers who visit the strip club are miserable and often on a power trip. It’s not that strippers alone need to change. Society needs to change. People need to learn to appreciate their work, enjoy the good parts of their profession and stand above the bad side of their job. People need to love themselves first in order to be functioning individuals that can uplift others and make a difference for the better by enjoying their own life.

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