As we stepped through the mosaic colored glass door onto the velvet purple carpet a cloud of expensive rose water scent surrounded us and filled our nostrils. I could notice Jon took a deep inhale just when I did. We looked at each other and our mood was instantly lifted. I felt invigorated and alive, as a fine lady, in her mid fifties, dressed in an elegant, black, silk dress stepped up to us to greet us with a warm, yet seductive smile, “Good evening, and welcome to Moulin Evanouire, where fantasies become alive.” And as we stepped past her we knew she hadn’t promised too much. There were girls, beautiful girls all over the floor surrounding the dim lid, shiny, marble stage. The ceilings were high and two shimmering poles were mounted at least sixteen feet high. As I looked up one of the poles I saw a young Asian woman on the second floor that surrounded the entire room like a giant balcony vibrating her fan in a rhythmical pattern as if she was tickling the most sensitive part of my neck with the air that she created. Then she started promenading in the rhythm of her fan along the railing featuring her long, lean limbs and her ivory skin like the sweetest bate you could offer to a fish. Jon and I, we were the fish, and although, this girl didn’t say or do anything it was hard to take my eyes off of her.

An Italian woman  stole my attention when she walked up to us to introduce herself with a deep, raspy, soft voice, “Bon jorno, my name is Silastra, and I am happy to guide you through the show tonight if you wish my company. Up here on the balcony, I see, Lui Ching has captured your attention. Wait till she takes the stage and shows you her fire fan pole magic tricks.” My mouth dropped open. A fire-fan-pole show? Jon just nodded and rambled, “Silastra, we would love you to guide us through the night as we are visiting for the first time and just accidentally discovered this establishment. Please join us and let us invite you for a drink.” Silastra nodded politely and guided us over to one out of only two free tables where we took a seat. I noticed that each table had at least one girl that was joining the customers as the DJ announced the show beginning, “Please, tonight ladies and gentleman, welcome Magnifique to open the show for you with her breath taking, death defying, spinning pole aerial performance.”

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