I wonder what would happen if we all would do what we truly feel. I am not talking about coming from your impulsive self or from the angry, calculated part of your being. I am talking about acting purely from the heart, out of love without any expectations, without the worry about the outcome. Just being your lovely self not even judging when people take advantage of you, or don’t thank you for your effort. Imagine you would just do what makes you happy having everybody’s well being in mind just expressing your love and generosity. But instead, we do “the right thing” or better said what others told you was suppose to be the right thing. Instead, we protect our pride since we are suppose to be proud of … something. Instead, we overthink the consequences of our love and generosity and choose to stay safe. Often, that means for most people they do nothing. Fear will prevent them from any action or even worse push them into calculated actions thinking that will get them the desired outcome. The intuition of the heart and fear seem to be in a continuous battle.

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