It seems to me love never works out. I believe in love, but I have never met a couple that was happy in a long term relationship. I have never met anybody who kept love and passion alive over a life time. It’s always short lived. It’s always heartbreak and defeat, compromise and loss. It’s always many tears, at least one of us who cries them. It’s always at least one heavy heart, it’s always tossing and turning. Most of the time, love was just imagination. One person thought by false the other person would love them too. But they were wrong. Love was mistaken for lust, or business, or fear of loneliness, or fear of moving forward, or just something else. So most of us die unloved. Alone. Most of us die regretting having not had the courage to love who we really loved. It seem to me love never works out, yet, we all look and long for just love. But it seems to me love just never works out. It never does. Or does it?

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