He was restless, and you could tell he felt somehow uncomfortable. He kept checking his phone. So I walked up to him and asked him,”Waiting to meet some friends here?” Him, “Yes, they said they would meet me here, but they aren’t here. I always feel uncomfortable in strip clubs.” I asked, “Why is that?” Him, “Well, because I feel bad for you girls who work in an establishment like this. I mean you must hate it.” I explained to him, “I love being a stripper. I have a choice. And I choose to work in this strip club. I work two other jobs, and I have to admit that I love stripping. I love this club, I love that I meet many different people here, I love performing, I love giving lap dances.” He was surprised, “So did you ever think of giving up at least one of your jobs?” I said to him, “I thought of becoming a full time stripper many times, but what holds me back is society and the reputation that’s attached to us strippers. The minute I tell people I work in corporate America they respect me. Not very many people respect a woman when they know her sole profession is stripping.” He explained, “You really made my night. I didn’t know you girls actually could love what you do, but now it looks very different to me.”

The stripper profession is very vague. People go by what they saw on TV and in movies, what they heard from people, and are lead on by their own imagination. Of course, being a stripper is not for everybody. You have to be made for it. Every job comes with good and bad sides, but I am definitely in love with my job as a stripper.

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