Strip clubs are the epitome of an adult playground where mostly male customers let their libido and fantasy run free. We strippers are written off as immoral, lost souls. We just want your money, and we will lie and scheme to get what we want. We even pick a fake name and create a second identity.

Hmmmmm, don’t movie stars, musicians, painters, even some writers, and almost all artists pick a “fake” name and create a second identity. We strippers do it to protect our lives outside of the club since we are labeled as low class, and since we have to work hard to gain people’s respect because we start at the bottom of the ladder. And since we are assumed to be stupid we even have to prove that we have a brain.

But lets talk about the money? Yes, we do want your money. We deserve to be paid for the work we do like any other performer deserve to be paid. We shouldn’t have to justify why we should get paid. No movie star has to justify when they get millions of $$ to perform in a film, and frankly, some of them blow out their money for cocaine and booze just like some good old stripper girl might. And yes, in our profession are some real gold diggers. But show me one profession where you don’t have cold diggers in. Actually, you might be even married to a gold digger?! Lots of married men have confessed to me that their wives make them feel like a human wallet or an ATM. And yes, some strippers lie, but the interesting thing is when I tell the truth men don’t believe me anyways. Because they really don’t want to hear the truth. Most of them just want to hear what they fantasize about. But just because you met one stripper that lead you on and lied doesn’t mean all of us strippers lie. And show me one person on this planet who has never lied. But you only read about the lying stripper in the internet, nobody mentions the honest strippers.

I work with some decent women at my club. Stripping is the hardest profession I have ever worked in, and I have tried many jobs. Why should we not deserve to get paid for the entertainment we offer, for the conversations we provide, for the counseling, the holding of the lonely hand, for being there when nobody else is there. We are hard working women, and most of us are straight forward. Are you?

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