Brides and grooms put many thoughts in their marriage vows, and the bible has it covered as well, but I have been thinking about those promises people give to each other, and why they so often fail. We promise in good and in bad times, through sickness and health, we promise to be good and treat the other person with respect, we promise and promise away. But I have never heard a groom or a bride promise to their lover that they will be at their very best for the rest of their life. I mean not promising to be something for the other person, but to be your best for yourself, to respect your body and health and be at the best physical and mental shape you can be so your lover can enjoy the best of you. Instead, after they get married they put on the pounds, they fill their bodies with junk, alcohol, and other crap, they disrespect their health, they come home frustrated and grumpy from work, and treat themselves poorly which will reflect on how they treat their lover. Because you and how you treat yourself will reflect directly on how you treat the ones you love the most. And the bible does cover that part, “Love thy neighbor as you love thy self.”

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