photo (55)In the past six years, I have heard from many men over and over that they wish women would communicate straight forward. Many men use the same wording, “Always, just say it directly.” Most women are puzzled. They think, they say things directly and straight forward, yet, their man, although, appearing to be listening, proves later that he didn’t hear what was said.

In my experience “directly” means almost being rude and inconsiderate. Trying to be polite and say things gently usually leads to confusion in the male brain. When men ask to say things “directly” it means translated into our female language that we need to hit them with the hammer so that there is a ping of pain in their brain in order for it to register what was said. “Directly” means often brutally honest without any consideration of the man’s feelings. Your brain needs to shift into male mode and just care about bringing your point across.

Furthermore, if you have a certain goal in mind you want to achieve, you need to withhold something that this man desires and be pretty much straight forward about your willingness to trade. Men understand how to work for reward. Bring the treats!

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