I am your future, you live in the past

Only one of us will make it, the other won’t last

Pour some whiskey into coke

Light a match we will go up in smoke

I write fairy tales, you live through them

Taking me for granted, yet, I am your only gem

Fantasy is your only hope

You need me like a fix, I am your dope

Another morning we both wake alone

You’re brain washed into believing cold unhappiness is suppose to be your home

You’re stuck in old fashion and what’s right

I am a rebel, I can see the stars through the thick foggy night

I’m a princess, you’re the fool

Trying to cover it up by acting cool

Gangster or lady like

I am the one who for love will kill and fight

Your courage buried deep under your shadow from the fright

I listen to country, you like rap

It seems we don’t mix right, and it’ll break your back

Watered down whiskey still gives you a buzz

But now it’s all a waste of time and useless fuzz

There is one chance you might have left

Leaving the fraud behind and admitting you committed identity theft

Pretending to be someone else and imitating others

It left me crying and hiding under the covers

Two people now destroyed and love seems to be fading

Wake up my lover or there won’t be no more chance for trading

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