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I grew up in Europe, partially in Germany and partially in Croatia. Before I came to the USA I had never heard of twerking, or booty shaking, or popping … But when I saw it, I knew I would learn how to twerk, shake, pop … I had to try it. Now, understand me right. Being a 100 pound, white, European girl there is not that much to shake or twerk. The question was: is it going to be possible? I knew as a stripper I had to twerk, it would increase my pool of skills and assets even if I only have a tiny buttocks to shake. The only way I would find out was by taking a twerking class. Back then, in 2009, twerking wasn’t as popular as it is now, but I took all my courage and stepped into this booty class. And who would’ve known. Those tiny gluteus muscles couldn’t wait to move, shake, twerk, and bounce. And really, if you don’t know how to twerk, how can you … you know what …

Twerking was a revelation for me as a woman. I felt liberated and empowered, and darn it feels good. I even participated at a twerking recital at my beloved pole dancing studio where my lovely teacher taught me not just to pole but also to twerk. I guess, this post is dedicated to the lovely Swan from X-Polesitions who believed in my little, white ass and showed me how to booty pop and twerk, and asked me to take the stage with all the pro twerkers in December 2009.

And I suggest, if you don’t know how to move your ass go learn it. You will have a revelation.

Photography by Alex C Thompson

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