We need to stop discussing women’s weight and women, famous women, athletes, all women need to start focusing on health. Every person should be in the shape and at the weight where they feel at their very best. And nobody should have to justify their weight or physical appearance.

How much you weigh, especially in women, fluctuates depending on many factors. I myself feel at my best when I weigh between 98 and 106 pounds. Under 98 pounds I feel weak and fragile. Over 106 pounds I feel heavy, my inverts feel labored, pole work feels difficult, I feel sluggish, tired, and just not right.

Our thinking about our physical appearance needs to change. The question shouldn’t be how much do you weigh and how tall are you? You should ask yourself, how do I feel? Do I feel energetic and healthy? Can I walk for 30 minutes and be at ease or is that too much for my body? We are designed to move not live a sedentary life style.  Do I eat because I am hungry or just because …? What are my food choices? What are my food cravings? We need to examine our life style and stop being obsessed with calorie counting and dress sizes. We also need to change how we think about food. Do we eat clean, happy food, or tortured, energetically and biologically toxic food. You can be extremely ill even at your ideal weight. The scale does not determine your overall health. Your ideal weight is where you feel, look, and are the best for you. Your health is the most important thing in this world. Cherish yourself, your body, your health. Cherish you!

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