I find the biggest problems in life are caused by people not being able to walk in other people’s shoes. Everybody can only see their own side and is trying to get their share without being able to consider the consequences for others. It’s not just like that in the club. It’s inside and outside of the club. The club just brings it down to a basic, primal level, and there is less coverup, which makes it easier because it’s straight forward. Outside of the club people masque it better, but it feels much more like an ambush. They try to trick you into getting what they want thinking you are too stupid to uncover their little charade. The solutions inside and outside the club are the same: you cannot care too much about what others think about you. You have to delicately protect yourself in order for people not to take advantage of you. The club is a great training ground for this and prepares you for the outside world.

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