What would my father say if he knew I am a stripper? I think most fathers could never even imagine their daughter to work in such a terrifying profession. I have talked to fathers, who have admitted straight into my face that they think my job is dehumanizing, and they would never want their daughter to become a stripper. So we protect out fathers, we don’t tell them how we make a living, or how we supplement our income. It would break my father’s heart to know I am a stripper, and it would kill him to know I love my job. But this would only hurt him so much because of his own hangups, dirty, bad fantasies he himself attaches to my profession, and his inability to see what I have accomplished: I am independent, and I would never ask my parents for money. I am athletic, strong, confident, and stripping has contributed to these character traits. I have gained through the strip club more insights in human psychology and male-female dynamics than any therapist can ever gain no matter what and how hard they study. I have also come to understand my father better as a man, his times hiding in his man cave, and his way of communicating when we thought he wasn’t communicating. My love for my dad and my understanding for him has changed due to me working in strip clubs. Plus my respect for my dad has grown because I know my dad, despite his hangups about women who do what I do, would treat any stripper with the respect a woman deserves.

I hope, if you are a dad, you can treat the stripper you might go and see just as if she would be your daughter. Because your daughter, just like me, despite superior education and best upbringing, might choose one day to give it a try to be a stripper, and who knows, she might like it and stick to it.

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