The club is a highly political place with a very defined hierarchy. Any time a new dancer comes in, that hierarchy feels threatened kind of like when a new wolf tries to join an existing pack. Integration is sensible and just like in nature, if not done carefully it can be lethal. The regular girls will pretend to be the new dancer’s friend in order to find out her weaknesses and then use exactly that against her. The bouncer will pick on the new girl in order to get more tip money out of her and even other favors. The DJ will use the little music power he has to his full advantage in order to establish his immunity and proof his power. He will for example refuse to play your songs for the strangest reasons ever. The song is either too slow, too fast, too overplayed, or he happens not to have your song while playing it two minutes later for another dancer. The tricks they play are primitive, but you cannot let this faze you. Just like in real life the best way to deal with bullies is ignoring them. Talking to the manager about it, trying to proof your point is useless and will usually backfire — you will be labeled as a difficult dancer and trouble maker, which can lead to not getting many shifts or even being fired. I have survived the biggest bullies by ignoring them and just walking away from a fight they try to pick. This will prevent turning a fly into a giant elephant and take the bully’s power away. And such behavior works in real life just as well as in the club.

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