Some men come to the strip club to talk to a specific girl, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, this type, when you ask him to do a lap dance with you will almost scream out and say, “OOOOOOHHHH NOOOOO, I don’t do lap dances. I just want to talk to you and spend time with you. Maybe take you to dinner. I just want your time. I don’t do lap dances.” This customer type is not aware of the fact that we strippers are at work and on the clock while talking to them. Time is money. And life time is precious. These men feel entitled to take your time for free, yet, they expect to have our undivided attention. They would never expect the same service from a therapist plus most therapists don’t look as amazing as we do while sitting in sexy lingerie in front of you. I hope men would understand strip club etiquette better, and try to walk for just one hour in our stilettos. How much would they want to raise their hourly income if they were to do their regular job in stilettos? And how can they not understand that talking to them for free won’t feed our families, pay our rent, electric and water bill, nor will a dinner outside of the club.

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