During one shift you can have anything from 12-17 girls working with you on the floor. There is everything you can imagine on the floor: tall, skinny, round and voluptuous, blond, brunette, punk, goth, skimpy, classy, trashy, tough … all body shapes, hair colors, all  sorts of outfits, and styles are represented. And all these girls are beautiful in their own way. Every woman has her own style of dancing and expressing, and there is literally no right or wrong. There is a girl for every guy, and it is just a plus for the club to have as much variety as possible. However, I find it very interesting how men deal with the fact that you are not their type. A man knows very quickly whether he likes you, the other girl, or both of you, but here is what happens when he’s absolutely not interested into you: when you walk up to him very friendly to say “Hi” he will

A.) act like he doesn’t speak the same language, avoid eye contact and almost act threatened by you or even displays hostile behavior trying for you to get scared and walk away.

B.) pretend he likes you but makes up a lie why he doesn’t want to do a lap dance with you. He will say, “I have no money, ” or “I don’t do lap dances, ” or, “I am just here to chill.” Then a few minutes later he will walk into the lap dance room with another girl displaying shame and guilt for having lied to you.

C.) suck your energy and try to be entertained by you trying to get as much out of you for free promising to do a lap dance later but then not do those dances with you.

Rejection is a big part of being a stripper, and you cannot take it personal. The only thing that strikes me about it is how men don’t have the courage — not even in the strip club — to be straight forward. The strip club should be a guilt free playground where customers get to choose freely who they play with, but common courtesy and straight forwardness should be part of it. After all, when you go to Magic Mountain and you don’t like to go on one specific ride you don’t vandalize the equipment of the ride you are rejecting. You politely decline without displaying guilt and shame for your behavior.


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