Most people I meet think they are different from other people. We like to think we are better, more generous, more kind, smarter, more educated, more considerate, more compassionate, more evolved, and so on than the average Joe. We think we are fair and never hurt anybody, we are less selfish and have reached a higher level, that for we are different. Most people hold the privilege to think they are better than the rest. But I find exactly this way of thinking brings out the little Hitler in us. We lose self-awareness thinking we are safe due to being better.

Disciplines like religion, yoga, meditation, and other techniques are given to us to stay aware and fight that selfish urge but this often backfires. One thinks because she/he practices yoga or goes to church it makes them better for sure. But often it’s just a cover up.

The fact is, although, no doubt we are all unique individual, we all have selfishness as a human character trait imbedded into our DNA. Being aware of it and catching yourself when acting up on it is the only way of disciplining this selfishness and channeling it into the right direction which can be part of the necessary survival instinct and drive in order to survive society and competition. Yet, when it comes to personal relationships, watch out for your judgement. That selfish person might just hold you the mirror trying to make you aware of your own actions. There is no better, there is just the constant journey of giving your best, watching yourself, and trying to be as compassionate as possible without pointing fingers before you point at yourself.

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