I sat with him briefly, and he was anxious to tell me things about his life. One of those bragging customers who thinks telling me that he’s rich will make me throw myself at him. But I had to interrupt him, because another customer requested a lap dance with me. He told me, “I will wait for you here. I cannot wait to talk to you some more.” I wasn’t gone for too long but when I returned he had sunken into his chair and fallen asleep like a homeless person, although, he was dressed very elegantly covered in obnoxious, cheap, heavy cologne — this always indicates that a guy is sure he will get laid tonight. As I tried to sneak away — I thought, hey if he wants to sleep here for free that’s better than watching for free — he grabbed my arm and almost said in a commanding voice, “Can we be friends outside of this place!? I tell you what, why don’t you give me your phone number now.” I thought I don’t hear right and said, “No, thank you.” I thought to myself how interesting I find it that the biggest trolls feel most entitled, and they honestly expect a stripper won’t be able to resist their beauty even when asleep to kiss them awake. Experiences like this give you a lasting shiver.

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