What happens when we die? There will be people left behind that will feel like that they cannot live on without you. There will be people that will have to learn to live on with the knowledge that they should’ve said things or done things differently in regards to your relationship with them. There will be people that might even feel happy you are gone, maybe because you found relief after long illness or you made their life miserable being you. There may be people that will feel guilty because you are dead and others will miss you so much they might even die shortly after you. Many things will happen after you die … life will go on and unfold but all these people that are left behind will one day face the unfinished business they have with you. And so why do you think I am writing this? I am writing this so you don’t become one of the guilty ones, one of the should’ve could’ve ones, one of the cannot live without you ones, you don’t even want to become one of the happy ones after someone dies. Think about it. Your life is there to make it right …

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Or watch http://vimeo.com/5974973

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